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Manual Translation Services

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As a high-end professional translation service provider, CYT Translation is focused on manual translation, for which we require not only accurate translation, but also professional terms to be above the professional standards of legal translation. Our manual translations are done by our experienced translators of economics major and then repeatedly reviewed and proofread by our senior reviewers, so as to ensure that the translation is free of ambiguity with rigorous wording, clear expression, and strong logic. Our mission is to remove language and cultural barriers for you and become your trusted partner on the path of globalization.


Scope of Service
Product manual translation, installation manual translation, operating manual translation, mobile phone manual translation, electrical appliances manual translation, software manual translation, project description translation, drugs(medicine) manual translation, mechanical manual translation, computer manual translation, instructions translation, etc.


Translation Languages
CYT Translation provides professional Manual translation services between Chinese and English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and other languages..

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