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Patent Translation Services

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CYT Translation provides precise, accurate translations of patent documents. We are a leading provider of patent translations for clients worldwide, including patent law firms, clients in the life sciences (biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies) and clients in the technological industries.


Patent translations are done by native language translators with experience in patent translation and with appropriate knowledge of applicable laws, accepted practices and/or regulatory directives for the designated country. All translations undergo a thorough quality check by a qualified proofreader to ensure accuracy and standardization. If required, claims and other critical texts can be reviewed by a legal expert specialized in patents for quality and legal assurance purposes.


Translated patents are formatted in the correct patent-format and conform to the guidelines of the local patent office, ensuring that patent applications are received with no problems or rejections. Patent drawings are translated and can be lettered again if required.


Some of the major fields we work in are:
Aeronautics and space
Life science biochemistry
Nuclear Engineering


Translation Languages
CYT Translation provides professional patent translation services between Chinese and English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and other languages..

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