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Medical Translation Services



Medicine translation is one of the key service projects of CYT Translation. Since medicine is a rigorous industry, medicine translation has high requirements on its translators, who are mastery of medical terminology vocabulary, refined and accurate translation, as well as a strong sense of responsibility. Based on an extensive experience in medical translation, where we have accumulated a professional multilingual terminology database of medicine translation, and with translators with a profound medical industry background, we are committed to providing professional translation for the basic theory of Chinese and Western medicine, medical treatment, pharmacy, biotechnology, medical devices, cosmetics, food, health, and other medicine-related industries.


Scope of Service

Biotechnology translation, medicine translation, pharmacy translation, medical device translation, dispensatory translation, health care products translation, operating manual translation, medical software translation, drug patent translation, bioengineering translation, biomedicine translation, medicinal chemistry translation, drug analysis translation, pharmacognosy translation


Translation Languages

CYT Translation provides professional medical translation services between Chinese and English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and other languages..

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