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Translation Services

Translation Services


  • Financial Translation Services

      Finance is the economic relation that reflects the capital operation of a country or a unit. It contains a number of areas, such as financial accounting, auditing, financial management, and financial reporting.   CYT Translation has a number of outstanding finance translators that have a strong industry background and rich experience in financial translation based on a profoun... [READ MORE]

  • Patent Translation Services

      CYT Translation provides precise, accurate translations of patent documents. We are a leading provider of patent translations for clients worldwide, including patent law firms, clients in the life sciences (biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies) and clients in the technological industries.   Patent translations are done by native language translator... [READ MORE]

  • Legal Translation Services

      Legal translation is one of the key service projects of CYT Translation. To ensure the quality of the translation of laws and regulations documents, we have selected a group of excellent translators that are proficient in laws and regulations with many years of experience in such field under a translation requirement of professionalism, precise wording, and clear logic. In respect of int... [READ MORE]

  • Medical Translation Services

      Medicine translation is one of the key service projects of CYT Translation. Since medicine is a rigorous industry, medicine translation has high requirements on its translators, who are mastery of medical terminology vocabulary, refined and accurate translation, as well as a strong sense of responsibility. Based on an extensive experience in medical translation, where we have accumulated... [READ MORE]

  • Manual Translation Services

      As a high-end professional translation service provider, CYT Translation is focused on manual translation, for which we require not only accurate translation, but also professional terms to be above the professional standards of legal translation. Our manual translations are done by our experienced transl... [READ MORE]

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