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Software localization is the customization process of a software or application to local language. The process of software localization and Chinesization includes translation of text and source code, adjustment of user interface layout, development of local property, production of online documentation and printed manuals, hence the normal operation of localized version of the software.


Translation is the initial task in software localization. In general, software localization comprises three parts:

1. User interface translation: translation of source language code, translation of installation package, translation of text relating to image graphics, translation of database, and translation of website;

2. Online document translation: translation of pdf document, data translation involving HTML Help files, and  software patent translation;

3. User manual translation: translation of software product manual, translation of software instruction manual, translation of software promotion video, subtitling of software introduction video, and translation of developer enterprise profile;


Language involved in software localization

CYT Translation offers professional software localization services between Chinese and English, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish..

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