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Related Services

Related Services.

  • Game Localization Services

      Among many of our professional translators and experienced reviewers, CYT Translation’s online game translators are all equipped with expertise in the background, environmental characteristics and terms of weapons, etc. of online games. Our experienced translators and software engineers can both localize your products from several common foreign languages into Chinese and handle differ... [READ MORE]

  • Website Localization Services

      Website localization involves the translation and localization of content, images, icons and formats to a specific language and culture. This requires sensitive and accurate translation of all content into the local language and dialect as well as modification of many site components. These include, for example, time, date and currency formats which differ by country; page-layout reversa... [READ MORE]

  • Software Localization Services

      Software localization is the customization process of a software or application to local language. The process of software localization and Chinesization includes translation of text and source code, adjustment of user interface layout, development of local property, production of online documentation and printed manuals, hence the normal operation of localized version of the software. ... [READ MORE]

  • Dubbing Translation Services

      CYT Translation has won high praise of many customers by its professional translation team and years of dubbing experience. Upholding the principle of "Boosting corporate globalization by surmounting language and cultural barriers" and the industrial spirit of "Professional, Focused, Accurate", CYT Translation has won good reputation in the in... [READ MORE]

  • Desktop Publishing Services

      Desktop publishing (also known as DTP) combines a personal computer and WYSIWYG page - layout software to create publications for large-scale publishing or local, small-scale multifunction output and distribution. The term is also commonly used to describe page-layout skills. However, these skills and kinds of software are not limited to paper and book publishing. The same skills and sof... [READ MORE]

  • Transcription Services

      Rely on a Top-notch Transcription Services. We offer high quality transcription services for all your documentation needs. Whether you need legal transcription, medical transcription, verbatim transcription or even film transcription, we have professional transcribers who can handle the project with the dedication, care, and experience you require. Transcriptions play a vital role in t... [READ MORE]

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