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CYT Translation has a collection of experienced senior medical and pharmaceutical translation experts, and professional medical translators from national research institutes. We are specialized in medical and pharmaceutical fields and committed to providing customers with professional medical translation solutions. Each document will be finally reviewed by a senior translator with professional medical knowledge in terms of quality assurance, thereby ensuring the accuracy of every detail. We will implement the scientific management system towards medical translation reviewers and customers, that is to say, when receiving customer orders, we will appoint the most professional medical translators in regard of the translation content, after the translation is done, we will make project summary report on the work, and launch training on terminology and new knowledge, thus to continually enhance and improve the overall quality and knowledge structure of the translators.


Scope of Medical Translation Service

Biotechnology translation, Medical translation, Pharmacy translation, Medical apparatus and instruments translation, Drug instruction translation, Health care products translation, Operation manual translation, Healthcare software translation,Medical thesis translation, Pharmaceutical translation, Bioengineering translation, Biological medicine translation, Drug advertisement translation, Drug patent translation, Pharmaceutical analysis translation, Pharmacognosy translation, Medicinal chemistry translation


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