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About Us

Headquartered in Suzhou, China, CYT Translation is a professional Chinese translation services provider. With hundreds of high-level full-time and part-time translators as well as dozens of foreigner revisers, it can provide professional and accurate translation services for foreign institutions, government agencies, and global and multinational corporations. Based on quality guarantee, we will help customers enhance competitiveness during localization and internationalization processes, and achieve better business value at lowest capital and time costs.


Scope of Service

Major service sectors: games, machinery, IT/software, finance, laws, patents, medicine/chemistry, manufacturing, etc.

Main languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Russian, etc. File types: Patents, contracts and agreements, tenders, manuals/brochures, marketing materials, website content and other types of documents

Types of services: translation, interpretation, software/games/website localization services, transcription, dubbing, desktop publishing, creative translation, technical writing


Quality Commitment
1.Provide senior translators with professional background and “high-grade, precision and advanced” features.
2.Perform strict manuscript distribution programs.
3.Implement sophisticated quality management.
4.Provide personalized editorial refinements by foreign experts as required.
5.Establish “term libraries” and “translation libraries”.
6.Provide flexible and efficient service.


CYT Translation will always follow industry standards and best practices to create a professional and efficient language, engineering and technical team. Adhering to the “quality first” principle, we will spare no effort to provide customers with the best localization and translation services based on our extensive project experience and mature project management system..

Let’s Speak

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