About CYT Translation

Headquartered in Suzhou, China, CYT Translation is a professional Chinese translation services provider. With hundreds of high-level full-time and part-time translators as well as dozens of foreigner revisers, it can provide professional and accurate translation services for foreign institutions, government agencies, and global and multinational corpora... [READ MORE]


Financial Industry

  Financial translation mainly involves the translation and business interpretation of business contracts, technical exchanges, cooperation agreements and regulations, etc., which imposes highly demand on the professional level and language competence of the translator. The main fields include banking,... [READ MORE]

IT Industry

  CYT Translation keeps a professional and interdisciplinary IT translation team by gathering knowledgeable scholars and senior translators from home and abroad. Our strict project management, professional proofreading, and precise typesetting are the basic guarantee for your project. Our project manager will keep contact with you directly, so as to establish stable and effective communica... [READ MORE]

Medical Industry

  CYT Translation has a collection of experienced senior medical and pharmaceutical translation experts, and professional medical translators from national research institutes. We are specialized in medical and pharmaceutical fields and committed to providing customers with professional medical translation solutions. Each document will be finally reviewed by a senior translator with profes... [READ MORE]

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